Privacy statement

As a privacy policy I have naught but that at which a diligent reader may guess or infer from his own experience and learning, and that which the law may require of me and this must come with a caution that should officers on some pretence of authority from the ‘Great Leviathan’, or those of some foreign commonwealth at enmity or no, burst upon my data without my leave nor knowledge then I may be unable to hinder their rude irruption and in such I case I would hope that my readers shall not seek to direct their indignation against one who is in honest truth blameless therefor.

1. The site may use such information as readers’ and contributors’ IP addresses or a contributor’s email address when provided in giving commentary, for any purpose for which I would include per exemplum, preventing multiple voting in any gauge of opinion held by poll herein or to help descry or deter commentary rendered for purposes beyond that which is invited. Should I consider it necessary for the achievement of such purposes in common with other websites and enterprises then such usage may include comparing or sharing data with other enterprises, websites or services which may also be willing in some circumstances to share data.

2. The site may, if due warrant of law be given, yield up some part of the data hereon to those bearing the warrant though we shall not do so but unwillingly.

3. This website will use cookies and may so place them that the reader’s or contributor’s device wherewith he access this site will themselves emplace such cookies for the proper visibility and functioning of this website, though it is to be expected that such cookies are placed hereon, or in external websites in order to ensure the proper operation of such facilities as the comment facility and to choose appropriate advertisements to display for the visitor’s edification or delight, or to provide, with due anonymity, data as to the number of visitors to this website and the divers articles and logged posts herein, and to furnish the requests for service received.

4. By the good favour of ‘Automattic’, we present the facility whereby readers may express their opinions, the which is obtained though that company’s ‘IntenseDebate’ service, and since the terms appertaining to that service lie beyond my control I must beg the indulgence of readers that they refer to the terms of IntenseDebate on the website of that service.