Outside the bubble

Most commentary comes from within the Westminster bubble (and the devolved bubbles floating on Cardiff Bay or over Holyrood or Stormont), but most of us life outside the bubble, and there must be stories and realities beyond.

Everything which happens within the bubble, all the jostling, games and soap-opera drama, should relate to the reality of the nation and the world outside.  It feels to the ordinary man that those inside forget that.

Actually, MPs do know what is happening in their towns and villages.  They all go knocking on doors down dark streets in the rain with leaflets and canvass sheets, and they all regularly sit in a small, run-down hall listening to their constituents’ woes, and frequently these result in pointed questions, or lobbying in the lobbies, or actual action.

We all like getting angered by reading of the incomprehensible goings-on in Parliament and Whitehall, but when things happen outside, they should be discussed under this heading, “Outside the bubble”.