Concrete acts

The most useless commonplace in political discourse is “something must be done”: it states no action nor actor and could as well be spoken into the air, or into Twitter, which is little different. If for a woe there is a remedy, write it down, and if not then find a work-around or accept it as a reality.

Consider the success of the socialists and the ‘social justice warriors’ in bringing their visions into effect (which in every case has caused more problems for which they propose yet more remedies of the same sort) and consider the methods they use and by which they succeed.

  • Firstly, there is an infamous text named “Rules for Radicals”, whose prescriptions have proven most effective, and conservatives may wish to consider those rules as they become the radicals attacking an formerly new establishment of those same former radicals.
  • Also though, the activists have exact goals and exact legislative prescriptions for them; not ideas to be discussed in committees of their opponents and rendered useless, but ideas so complete that they can be placed before Parliament for a vote. That is a concrete act, and what those who bewail the current situation should begin to write.

Write then. Our team will lend you a canvass, and our concrete acts can be listed on this site by that name.