New Yeet Resolutions

Raising the nation, freed from bureaucratic chains, hurling it to the sunlit uplands – that was the promise following Brexit, and that was a promise which brought many new voters to the party which made it. It seems a bit hollow now.  As the process reached consummation and that promise was being fulfilled far more effectively than we dared hope, it was dashed by wasting two years and billions of your money and mine on COVID overreaction. Those two years which have been two years closer to the next General Election.

We are coming out of the plague. It is not going away, and the disease may never end, but the understanding is there that normality is needed.  This then is a time to rebuild – not with new ideas but with all those ideas that the election promised to make real, because they were good and practical.

They may hold back because of the disease. This evening Boris admitted what we already knew; that the COVID variant stalking the land is so mild it  may be unimportant, but he will not lift the last of the restrictions, They fear is not of the disease but criticism.

Lurking too is the knowledge that when the people can breathe free, there will come another variant: the next, fearless variant, which has learnt from the others that spawned it; which can sever the soul from the body, outstare a tiger and calculate the circumference of a circle. Let it come, now we have  the heightened immunity that is the blessing of omicron. Let it rip, and let the rest of us get on with rebuilding the nation we love.

A bit of application and bloody-minded determination to do what is needed, getting back on track, and the nation can be hurled bodily into those sunlit uplands. The essence to remember is what Conservatives have always known: the Government cannot achieve anything, but can only hinder.  Enterprise achieves all and makes the world a better, more prospering place, and it is for the Government just to keep out of the way. It must keep the peace and let the courts enforce contracts – but otherwise step aside and let innovators do what they do best.

We were getting there, for that brief time before the wind blew in from China. We just have to find the road again.

One might weep to see the money spilled on COVID panic, and all the more lost in lost taxes. More has been wasted in those two years than would have been spent putting a man on the Moon (which Britain should have been doing, by the way).

The voters need to feel good again. We feel good when there is money in our pockets, so taxes have to plunge – Whitehall can sell off all those prime London sites to plug the new debt, as the jobs were going to move north anyway, weren’t they? They will have to now, and not just little clerks’ offices but main central government bodies. The mandarins may resist, but they brought it upon themselves, and those who pay them, the people, will not fund a London West End lifestyle any longer.

At the same time, the streets of Whitehall are parched and in need of that Hard Rain. If the government is to do less to hinder, it should not be the behemoth it is. The numbers must fall, and the recruitment must change to get rid of the current monoculture, in favour of weirdoes and misfits, as we were promised, who can do more with less.

I could see the glimmer of the sunlit uplands two years ago. I want to see them again. So do we all.

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Author: AlexanderTheHog

A humble scribbler who out of my lean and low ability will lend something to Master Hobbes