Got Brexit Done

Let all the bells ring out! It is done, accomplished achieved! We are unleashed! Get the party started: I have woken the neighbours with fireworks, because this is our night.

It is 1,317 days since the referendum, 1,317 days since the evening I stood inspecting the count in our local council office, watching the results from Sunderland and other towns and watching the colour drain from my MP’s face, and after 1,317 days finally we have what we were promised: Britain Unleashed.

There are commentators who look down gravely and say the really this is a process of healing and we need to be calm and understanding and, and, well all that sort of thing. No. Tonight we celebrate, and fill the skies with flags and good cheer. Tomorrow you can be reconciliatory if you like, but do not rob me of this night.

I have no time for being told to keep it calm as if I were somehow sorry or embarrassed at having campaigned to Leave or at having achieved it. I am not. After three and a half years of having Remoaners insult me and all others who voted my way, calling us dupes or idiots or liars (and that without showing any flicker of irony) or hate-filled savages, and abusing their positions to try to overturn our referendum, I am not going quietly as if they had a point. We are the ones who won because we were right. Burst the skies then with Brexit!

Tonight is our night.

Author: AlexanderTheHog

A humble scribbler who out of my lean and low ability will lend something to Master Hobbes