Not sure I should be bored

It has got quiet. Apart from the near war with the Persian Empire, and the most powerful statesman in the world beginning an impeachment trial, and a major epidemic sweeping the East that threatens the world, and Australia burning, and Australia flooding too.

Ah, and the impending consummation of Brexit, and the onset of frantic trade talks. Then there is the major reform of the civil service being planned, with a sweeping away of quangocracy, and maybe the beginnings of tax reform.

The woke thing still goes on, and however many times people tell me it is at a turning point and the whole movement about to be overthrown by its own absurdity and popular resistance, it still seems to be going on as before. This time it is just another actor, and tomorrow just another innocent victim and any rebuff will be forgotten and the movement passes on unchecked to new depths of absurdity.

The environment keeps heating up too, sort of, but the arguments are hotter than the global warming. (It showed great foresight to set weather stations up throughout the world in fixed, remote locations measuring temperatures and rainfall. Has anyone worked out how to adjust for the sudden appearance of suburbs next to them and the effect of the warmth from central heating?) Now in a hotel I could not even afford to look at across the street, we have a fight between the commander in chief of the worlds largest army, and a 17 year-old pseudo-prophetess. No one likes a bully, which actually could apply to either of them.

There is also the Labour Party leadership campaign – now I really am yawning.

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