Further leak of US-UK trade talks

The authentic text of the further UK-US trade negotiation has been released through reliable, authenticated sources:

To the Amerikanski Ambassador, fraternal greetings, Comrade.

We acknowledge your requests and regrettably can agree only first proposals, and concede:

  • All drugs for National Health Service will be bought from American pharmaceutical companies at price plus;
  • Drug patents will be increased from 20 years to 200 years.
  • We will or five years send 1% of our maidens to Trump dacha.
  • All dissidents against policy will be sent to Guantanamo gulag.
  • In return, no US tariffs on Monty Python or tea or samovar.

We share vodka soon. Am looking forward to face to face meetings in London after Rozhdestvo Khristovo.

Счастливого пути!

Author: faykinuise

Superheroine reporter, legend in her own bathtime, who never lets a lack of facts get in the way of a breaking story