Conservative Conference 2019: The Speech

Last day of the Conference, and it was Boris’s day. Whatever else was happening (and it was), the only thing that will be talked about is the speech.

Boris Johnson follows Disraeli as the second first-rate stand-up comedian to enter Number 10 and he is loving it, as are we.

It was not just a Brexit speech: after three years and the complete meltdown of the political system as a result it was unavoidable that the subject dominated – but it looked ahead also.

Oh – and we have been riding so high on this Brexit lark: what will we do what it is achieved? It’s back to normal politics, and the Socialists hammering at the NHS and class war and all the dishonesties of politics. If the election is delayed to when it legally has to happen, which is May 2022, who knows what will have happened?

To the speech, I will add nothing, but let you hear it all.


By Boris Johnson:

Margaret Thatcher

By David Cameron

By Tim Bale



By Rory Stewart:

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